Manchester Ceramics Enterprise is a social enterprise that trains homeless people in ceramic production and related skills in order to make and sell art based ceramic products made to a professional standard. We encourage participants to take part in all aspects of the business, helping to support them into education, employment and independence.


Through pottery, people can discover hidden talents and gain self confidence through their creative achievements. They are often surprised and delighted with the work they produce. Waiting for pots to come out of the kiln is always something to look forward to.Seeing how everyone else’s work takes shape is interesting….. Making one thing leads to making another or trying something new…..You can be intensely involved with one piece for a long period of time or make lots of things in a short time…. Pots can be made in a precise way or more organically.

john-grant-davies-0042   Homeless people rarely get the opportunity to get so involved in a creative activity that will enable participation in mainstream society. Having regular occupation builds stability into chaotic lives and counteracts the boredom that follows recovery from addictions if there is nothing to do.

Moving from the streets into independent living can be lonely and very difficult. Regular, meaningful occupation supports people whilst they strive to change their lives for the better. Most people who try pottery say they find it therapeutic and it helps those with severe problems to forget them for a couple of hours.

We offer participants nationally recognised accreditation at two levels.